Black Herefords

A sample of our Black Herefords and BWF cattle

Here are a couple of our Black Hereford cows.  Great udders, disposition and fertility.  Everything the commercial producer is looking for.

This is a 75% Registered Black Hereford Bull.  He is a tremendous calf.  Sired by our Allegiance bull and out of a daughter of Angus bull KCF Absolute.  We will be using him as a herd sire in 2018

This is some pictures of our BWF cows in the pasture.

The Black Hereford breed was established in 1994 and has had three major influences. The first was John Gage, a lawyer in Kansas City that practiced agriculture law for several cattle breed associations. Mr. Gage was a board member for the Polled and Horned Hereford Association. J & N Ranch purchased the Black Hereford Association and John’s cow herd from his estate. The second, Frank Felton, was a Hereford breeder and pioneer in the use of performance testing and testing with genetics. Mr. Felton is also in the Hereford Hall of Fame for his work with the cattle industry. John Gage and Frank Felton worked to design the genetic basis for the new breed Black Hereford. The third were Joe and Norma Hoagland, who purchased the Black Hereford Association and have brought this breed to the forefront of the cattle industry.

As a footnote:  I bought BJH 25K PROSPCTR 51M  from John Gage back in the early 90’s and kept and used him here for 4 years John Gage kept a semen interest.   His offspring were outstanding and John Gage bought back possession.  Interests in 51M were sold to Knoll Crest Farms and other performance breeders.  Mr. Gage used 51M in the development of Black Herefords and was the sire of the first registered Black Hereford bull.