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Willis Polled Herefords update as of 12-10-2018


We are preparing for winter.  All cows have calved and their calves are in one of three groups, replacement heifers, yearling bulls or steers being readied for the NETBIO feeder calf sale.  We will be sending 8 steers to the January NETBIO sale.  Here they are checking out the side-by-side.  You can click on any picture to enlarge.

There are some more pictures on the Cattle for Sale page.

We completed the DNA on the cow herd using the program provided by the AHA.  It was interesting.  A few issues were discovered and are being corrected.  We now have a cow herd free of the three genetic defects common to Herefords.  You can buy with confidence.

This is an article indicating the industry is headed for better quality grades.  Select is on its way out the goal is Choice and Prime.  Click here to read the article.  11 of our yearling bulls rank in the top 1 and 2% of the breed for marbling.  It is a good time to improve your quality grade.

We are always happy to show our cattle. Give us a call and come by for a visit. Contact us at or my cell phone 903.268.6039. Come to Emory for a visit when you can.

Mike Willis

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