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Willis Polled Herefords update as of 5-7-2024

Thank you to all the buyers who appreciate our breeding program and purchased our bulls. G94 heifers are calving this spring.  The udder quality is better than we could have ever hoped. We expect the next few years to be special.  Our Mandate son, G94’s daughters, will be bred to the bulls below.  This should be an excellent mating of phenotype and performance.   

Loewen Mendel 4G K2 ET,

He is an exciting young sire with outstanding across the board EPDs. His first calves are arriving healthy and easily born.

We have also acquired an intertest with Still River Ranch in this bull, 320L.  He is from the same mold as K2 and G94.  Pigment and excellent EPD’s.

GG Redbird 320L

Calving is in full swing.  57 calves born to date.  Sired by K2 and G94

We have yearling bulls for sale.  Go to “Cattle for Sale” page

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