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A246 is a great heifer bull with a top 1% in the breed CED.  He will sire bulls safe for heifers.  His EPD numbers and Economic Index Numbers and also among the best of the breed and he is homozygous polled.  Owned with Kinnear Polled Herefords and Knoll Crest Farms. This bull is a heifer bull deluxe. He is on the latest top 200 Active Sire List for three economic indexes, BMI$, CEZ$ and BII$. A246 was named a CHB sire.

a1 bull 246 2a1 bull 246 1


Top of the breed carcass potential. Not many bulls can boast +60 rib eye area and +55 inter-muscular fat.  His dam is a flush mate to KCF Encore bull. Homozygous polled, he has great potential across the board.  Owned with Still River Ranch and Knoll Crest.  Allegiance is pictured in fall after running with 28 cows through the summer.

a aleg bull 1

A more recent picture of Allegiance.


This bull from Lapp Herefords in Nebraska has great thickness, loads of pigment all in a very moderate frame.  His grand dam on both sides of his pedigree the 1G cow, produced on the Lapp Ranch till the age of 18.  We expect longevity, pigment, thickness and muscling in his offspring.  He is an outside the box individual. 76lb birth weight. His weight is deceiving because of his thickness, on 3-20-17 he weighed 1739