Breeding Philosophy

Our Business and Cattle Breeding Philosophy

Our plan is to eliminate the reasons people would not use whiteface cattle. Following is how we want our cattle and business to be:

  • Our cattle have to be profitable for both of us.
  • We want at least half of our customers to be repeat customers.
  • We seek out the optimum in our cattle not the maximum.
  • We will be honest in all aspects of our operation. We will always tell you the truth about our cattle.
  • Bulls and Heifers you buy from us will be born unassisted, from problem free cows.
  • Replacements we keep will be born unassisted from problem free cows.
  • To ensure constant improvement, we will annually cull any cattle that fail to live up to our expectations.
  • Our cattle will be raised on a primarily forage based ration much like a commercial herd.
  •  Calves will be raised till weaning weights are taken without creep feed or supplement.
  • Herd bull selection for our herd will be based on our goal of optimum production.
  • An animal’s performance will be more important to us than his pedigree.


We pursue optimum in our cattle defined as:

The point at which the condition, degree or amount of something is most favorable.

In biology the most favorable condition for growth and reproduction.

adj. Most favorable or advantageous; Best

“Optimum production will always be more profitable than maximum production.   Bigger is NOT always better!   Optimum production is the point at which net profits are maximized.   Profit and enjoyment are the only two things we want to maximize in this business.”

Cowboy Logic: “Love your wife.   Forgive your children.   Do neither for your cows!”

  Kit Pharo