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This page last updated 12-21-2018

These bulls will be ready for new homes in February..  Most are sons of our Allegiance bull.  If you are looking for bulls that will produce calves that will have some carcass value, check these out.  Click on names for pedigree and EPD’s.

Here is an article describing where the industry is going regarding quality grade.  Click Here

As of Dec. 10 evaluation the bulls with the ** rank in the top 2% for marbling some in top 1%.

  1. Willis R294 1804 **Own son of Knoll Crest’s R294 bull. Great calving ease and udder quality.
  2. Willis 6964 1806 – Leader son out of an R294 daughter.  Highest weaning weight bull.
  3. Willis B436 1810**This Allegiance son has a really good dam.  Consigned to NETHA Sale
  4. Willis B436 1811**Allegiance son from a daughter of World Class 10H.  Really good calf.
  5. Willis 137B 1812 – Thick and meaty
  6. Willis B436 1818**Allegiance son from an EF F745 FRANK P230 daughter.
  7. Willis B436 1822**Allegiance son from a really good goggle eyed dam.
  8. Willis B436 1823**Allegiance son from a good line bred World Class dam.
  9. Willis B436 1829**Longevity bred in, dam was born in 2005.  Sold for Feb. delivery
  10. Willis B436 1836 **Allegiance son from another line bred World Class dam.
  11. Willis B436 1842 – Allegiance son from a Dam of Distinction
  12. Willis B436 1843**This is a well pigmented bull.  Cherry red and eye pigment.
  13. Willis B436 1844**Dam is an own daughter of RIB EYE.  Really nice bull, well bred..
  14. Willis B436 1849**From a good young cow.
  15. Willis 137B 1851 – This bull’s dam has a picture perfect udder.


These bulls have been planned for the Seed Stock Select bull test and sale.  Will sell in the fall.

  1. Willis 409 1802 – A calving ease sire, will be great for heifers, Good pigment
  2. Willis B436 1826**Allegiance son from a Dam of Distinction. Calving ease included.
  3. Willis B436 1850 – Good thick bull, Market Index dam. A lot of meat in this bull.  Good Pigment.


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2017 Buyers

  • Aubrey Jones – Texas
  • Bar-None Ranch – Texas
  • Wayne Courson – Arkansas
  • Clyde Williams – Arkansas
  • Narwin Gaby – Texas
  • H & H Ranch, Lee Hawkins – Texas
  • Bob Clopton – Texas
  • Will Collier – Texas
  • Eddie Lee – Texas
  • Eirik and Danielle Berggren – Texas
  • Alton and Sherry Tutt – Texas
  • Richard and Linda Cobb – Texas

2018 Buyers

  • NETBIO Sale 11 Steers
  • Kevin Reed – Cody Campbell – Texas
  • Randy Lucas – Texas
  • Rickey Cobb – Texas
  • Michael and Vicki Heermans – Texas
  • Joe Koch, Monte Verdi Plantation – Texas
  • Wayne Courson – Arkansas
  • Rene Johnston – Louisiana
  • Robert W. Wright – Texas
  • Ken and Kay Player – Texas
  • RHM Farm and Ranch – Texas
  • Robson Ranch – Oklahoma
  • David Stewart – Texas
  • Santa Fe del Norte – Missouri
  • Allen Birnbaum – Texas